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Dr. Thomas Nack Anderson

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• Smartness of the laser + %99


• Choosing Pupil, Iris, Melanins (Death and Alive ones) and shoots the areas that suppose to be shot, without touching the back of eye


• Passing trough to cornea without damaging 


• No effective for Anterior Chamber


• No passing to Retina or Back of eye


• No effective for vision even not %1


• Thinner laser and faster laser, it can reach and the smallest places around pupil 

(to make much natural looks)


• Power %99 higher 


• %0 Damage for Iris


• Life as normal as before 


• Automatic eye prussure test before every each session 


• Start - Stop, when it sees the death pigments


• More effect and for thick pigments 


• Treatment for Grade I, II, III, IV and even 5 eye color Grades. 


  • 7G PLUS system doesn’t burn the pigments, it disturbs them by laser and they are peeling out. Then all the fallen pigments are transfering via lacrimal duct and all these pigments are eaten by leukocyte . Because leukocyte thinks that they are foreign cells in body so they eat them.


  • We give some eyedrops to enlarge the lacrimal duct, these eyedrops are enlarging them ‪around 4-5‬ times more and the peeled melanin passes very soon. So with this facts the operation we made doesnt cause glaucoma. Even not 1% risk.


  • All other laser operators are burning them. When you burn them they got hot and they stick on back of the eyes. After a while these burnt pigments turns to black as all other burnt materials do. These burnt pigments made the eyes darker and darker. Darker than even the original eye color before operation.


We are inventor of 7G PLUS laser machine, we are the first company in this field in the world.


                         WORLDEYELASER CLINIC

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